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    I'll guess with enough boozes in everyone it will make New Years Eve in Niagara Falls okay;

    I was very impressed with who Global was able to get this year. Their lineup is comparable to that of a U.S. network special. In fact Demi Lovato was the star performer of the U.S. MTV New Years Eve special last year. It's also hosted by popular on-air talent of a national celebrity newsmagazine, not a bunch of Toronto news anchors unknown to the rest of the country.

    but looking at this lineup their trying to appeal to an 35-49 age range audience than the audiences City use to target in years prior.
    The talent performing on Global's is far more well known than anyone City was ever able to get for their special. What demographic was City trying to target with a bunch of unknown performers most people have never heard of? People tuned into City's because they wanted to watch a Canadian New Years Eve countdown, I highly doubt the performances were the reason for its success.

    Global's New Years Eve at Niagara Falls does well with families. It has a heavy celebrity theme (it is a production of a celebrity newsmagazine after all) so if you can't stand celebrity newsmagazines then it's not the show for you but that's what they have success with, it's what the type of audience who watches New Years Eve specials on TV enjoys.

    I find it more strange is that their still calling it "Dick Clark's New Year's Rocking Eve". He's been gone for awhile now.
    Uh, what year do you think he passed away? Nothing good can come from ABC removing his name from the special.
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