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    Icon4 The Channel Canada Forums are back online!

    Hi everyone,

    I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season!

    I’ve maintaining a TV related website in some form or another for 20 years now and I was quite surprise that it didn’t happen sooner. As you know, the internet is filled with malicious people who are there just waiting for the moment you fall behind in updates to hack your site. Well, they have finally caught up with me. :(

    The forums seemed unaffected but as a precaution, I have taken it offline to prevent infection. I also reinstalled the forums from scratch as if it was infected just in case and put the code up to date. Unfortunately, the theme we had didn’t agree with the new version so I chose another. Finally, I have moved the forums to its independent files system, hense the new URL:

    The news site will reopen soon as well with a brand new look.

    I thank you for your patience and understanding. Feel free to PM me if you have comments of questions with the new version of the forums.

    P.S.: I'm aware some of the old emoticons are missing, I'll get to that once the news site is back up.
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    Randi Dertzo



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