I want to use a Digital Antenna to watch some TV channels in Quebec, Canada. I know there has been changes in the recent years and that the old antennas aren't working anymore. But i have read a guide on the internet explaining we can still get some channels for free using a new kind of antennas. I followed the guide and bought exactly the same antenna it was suggesting:

The guide i followed is here (in french) http://www.geekbecois.com/bye-bye-or...tion-gratuite/

However, when i connected it to my HDTV i couldn't scan a single channel :( My HDTV is very recent and i'm pretty sure it does have a DTV tuner. The model is Samsung PN51D490A1D. I bought it in 2011 and the article says all TV made after 2005 have built-in DTV Tuner.

So why exactly can't i receive any channel with my digital antenna ? I've put it right in the window but still can't receive any signal. Did i miss something ?

Thanks for the help