The latest episode of Reign (S01E13 - The Consummation) has a Director's Cut version that is now available on the CW website (I assume it's geo-blocked, but that doesn't stop me -- I also used adblock to get rid of the CW's online ads).
[Reign S01E13 Director's Cut -]

The difference in running time between the regular M3/CW version and the Director's Cut is only 36 extra seconds.

10 seconds from the first sex scene (extra moaning and naked back of woman) are in the director's cut, as well as another 10 (boring) seconds added to the second fully-clothed "sex" scene (which is shown in its entirety in the YouTube video below).

Not sure where the other extra 16 seconds occurs in the director's cut, but I assume they are not that important, anyway.

I find it odd that the M3 website has the YouTube link for the boring Director's Cut version of the last "sex" scene linked within its own website, instead of linking the official CW website.

I enjoyed the episode, and although only the first sex scene needed the extra 10 seconds to properly set the mood for what was going on, it was still a nice publicity stunt for the CW. It got me to watch the episode, even though I've still yet to finish watching any of the previous episodes.
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[This shows the naked back from the first sex scene]
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[Director's Cut version of the last "sex" scene -- only 10 extra seconds ... Boring.]