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    CBS Thursday Night Football. What will the other networks do?

    I'm surprised this hasn't been discussed here yet, but CBS announced a few months ago that it will broadcast 8 Thursday Night Football games from September to the end of October. Which means some of their biggest Thursday hit shows will air on other nights until November (they have indicated that they will move these shows back to Thursdays from their new nights in November)

    Out of all the networks bidding for Thursday Night Football, CBS was the only network that didn't really need it, and some of CBS competitors will probably benefit more from NFL Football airing on CBS than CBS regular programming. This however is not good news for Canadian networks. One thing CTV, Global, and City all have in common is their #1 Thursday night shows all come from CBS, so no CBS programming on Thursdays for 2 months could be a challenge.

    Here's what I think the networks will do

    FOX: FOX really could do anything. From comedy to drama to reality. My guess is though FOX will take advantage of CBS absence to launch something new.

    NBC: Like FOX, NBC could do anything. It looked like NBC should try something other than comedy as they haven't had much success launching new comedies on Thursdays, but the biggest factor for this was the strength of the CBS comedies (especially at 8:00PM) now they wont have to worry about CBS comedies for 2 months.

    ABC: While I think FOX and NBC are likely to launch some new shows, I see ABC only launching one and keeping the two dramas they have on the night. I don't see them going the comedy route as they will probably want something that fits with the existing dramas they have. Now may be a time to shift an existing drama to 8:00PM and use it as a lead-in for something new at 9:00PM.

    CTV: Out of all the networks, CTV will suffer the most as Thursdays is home to CTV's #1 show and that will be moving to a new night for 8 weeks. CTV will probably end up with a new ABC drama and something Canadian on the night.

    Global: Global will probably get the new FOX and/or NBC shows for the night.

    City: Rogers owns the rights to Thursday Night Football in Canada. It has always aired on Sportsnet, but Sportsnet can't require simulcasts so I wouldn't be surprised if City ends up airing Thursday Night Football in simulcast with CBS. They are already airing NHL Hockey on Sunday nights in place of regular programming, and just like Sunday, Thursday is a weak night for City. They also have OMNI to air the few Thursday and Sunday programs City owns the rights to (I expect to see further program sharing between OMNI and City next season, especially if the CRTC approves their request to remove OMNI's U.S. program restrictions in primetime).
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