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    Global should consider TVTropolis programs.

    Many people can't get DejaView, and because TVTropolis went to a lifestyle channel (BLAH). Global should maybe consider regain programs from TVTropolis so people can re-enjoy the classic 90s programming we loved. Plus, I've read many complaints on why TVTropolis left, and why Friends is on SLICE (which is reality junk).

    11:00am Queen Latifah Show (moving from 3pm to 11am to side with The Doctors at 10am)
    12:00pm Global News at Noon
    12:30pm The Young & The Restless (Simulcast with CBS)
    1:30pm Til Debt Due Us Part
    2:00pm The Talk (S-CBS)
    3:00pm Days of Our Lives
    4:00pm Friends (in HD)
    4:30pm Friends (in HD)
    5:00pm The Simpsons
    5:30pm Newshour

    1-2 Frasier
    2-3 3rd Rock From The Sun
    3-4 That '70s Show (in HD)
    4-5 Everybody Loves Raymond (in HD)
    5pm Massive Moves
    5:30pm Focus Ontario / West Block

    What's your thoughts.

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    Jan 2008
    Not gonna happen. Global RARELY air syndicated shows. Whenever there are schedule holes to fill, they just pick from HGTV's cancon library.

    Potential networks who could do that are CTV Two and Citytv.

    Unfortunately, CTV Two's daytime programming is exactly the same as CTV's, but timeshifted, the goal being to counter (or checkmate) any scheduling move from Buffalo stations with maximum simulcast opportunities.
    As for Citytv, their tiny-small selection of syndicated shows is already in use on FX Canada (and FXX next month), which lacks programming outside primetime originals.

    But I agree that week-ends afternoons on Global are empty when there's no golf to air. You end up with marathons of Simpsons and one of Katherine Heigl's movies.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.



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