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    Global Summer 2014 Schedule

    Global Summer 2014 Schedule

    8:00PM: Psych
    9:00PM: 24: Live Another Day (Simulcast FOX) / Hotel Hell (Simulcast FOX) *starts July 21st*
    10:00PM: Rookie Blue *starts May 19th* / Under The Dome (Simulcast CBS) *starts June 30th*

    8:00PM: NCIS (Simulcast CBS) *repeats*
    9:00PM: NCIS Los Angeles (Simulcast CBS) *repeats*
    10:00PM: Chicago Fire (Simulcast NBC) *repeats* / Remedy *repeats* *starts July 22nd*

    8:00PM: Big Brother (Simulcast CBS) *starts June 25th*
    9:00PM: Extant (Simulcast CBS) *starts July 9th*
    10:00PM: Rookie Blue *starts July 2nd* / TBA as of August 13th

    8:00PM: Happily Divorced / Working The Engels *repeats*
    *starts June 26th*
    8:30PM: The Millers (Simulcast CBS) *repeats*
    9:00PM: Big Brother (Simulcast CBS) *starts June 26th*
    10:00PM: Elementary (Simulcast CBS) *repeats*

    8:00PM: NCIS (NOT IN SIMULCAST WITH CBS) *repeats* / NCIS Los Angeles (NOT IN SIMULCAST WITH CBS) *repeats* / Bones (Simulcast FOX) *repeats* *Starts July 25th*
    9:00PM: Hawaii Five-0 (Simulcast CBS) *repeats*
    10:00PM: Crossbones (Simulcast NBC)

    7:00PM: 16x9 *repeats*
    8:00PM: Canadian Documentaries
    10:00PM: Cra$h and Burn

    7:00PM: Bob's Burgers (Simulcast FOX) *repeats* / The Simpsons (PRE-Release FOX) *repeats* *starts June 29th*
    7:30PM: Border Security *repeats* / Bob's Burgers (PRE-Release FOX) *repeats* *starts June 29th*
    8:00PM: The Simpsons (Simulcast FOX) *repeats* / Big Brother (Simulcast CBS) *starts June 29th*
    8:30PM: The Simpsons (Simulcast FOX) *repeats*
    Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (Simulcast FOX) / Reckless (Simulcast CBS) *starts June 29th*
    10:00PM: Family Guy (POST-Release FOX) *repeats*
    10:30PM: American Dad (POST-Release FOX) *repeats*
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    Quote Originally Posted by TVViewer View Post
    10:00PM: Chicago Fire (Simulcast NBC) *repeats* / Remedy *repeats* *starts July 22nd*
    I suspected Global would pick up The Night Shift considering 1) That show (announced March 26 by NBC) will take-over the slot used by Chicago Fire starting May 27th, so there's no "Chicago simulcast" to do here, and 2) With a 8-episodes run, its season finale ends up July 15th... one week later, Remedy reruns are scheduled to start in that timeslot... what a coincidence ! :)

    Quote Originally Posted by TVViewer View Post
    10:00PM: Crash and Burn
    Again? Couldn't they pick another Showcase series ?
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    "It's not a rerun if you haven't watched it yet." (© 2010 by TVViewer)
    "Ne jamais s'obstiner avec un épais. Il va vous abaisser à son niveau et vous battre avec l'expérience."

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    Anyone know what season of psych is being shown ?

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    Sherds, it will be season 8 starting May 26th.
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