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Thread: CTS Fall 2014

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    CTS Fall 2014

    For the first time this fall, CTS is becoming the beneficiary of many shows that were dropped from other Canadian networks. Several posts have already been made under the CHCH thread and thus a new one has been opened.

    CTS is a channel available OTA in Ontario and Alberta, and elsewhere on digital cable and satellite.

    Here is the link to some of the messages already posted:

    Quick recap:

    New to CTS This Fall / Midseason

    Wheel of Fortune (syndicated) Dropped by CHCH)
    Jeopardy! (syndicated) (Dropped by CHCH)
    American Idol (FOX) (Dropped by CTV)
    The X Factor UK
    America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC) (Dropped by Rogers - OMNI)
    The Biggest Loser (NBC) (Dropped by Rogers - OMNI)
    Judge Judy (syndicated) (Dropped by Rogers)
    Hot Bench (new to syndication)
    Everybody Loves Raymond (reruns in syndication)


    Also a post from Bill Brioux:

    Any related posts can be continued on this thread.
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