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I'm not inclined to believe anything that comes from you considering things you have said in the past (and I can prove what you are saying is not true, so now is your chance to come forward) but look at what I said 6 weeks ago. I checked CBC's schedule then and notice how I only mentioned The National aired at 6:00PM on Saturdays instead of Saturdays and Sundays? Had the CBC been idiotic enough to schedule CBC Vancouver News on CHEK directly against The National on CBC on both Saturdays and Sundays I certainly would have pointed that out. That's even worse than what they were actually doing. If your lie were true it would have actually proven my point even more.

This was my point about how inconsistent CBC's news schedule is. CBC Vancouver News was airing every night at 11:00PM except for Saturdays. On Saturdays it was airing at 10:00PM with The National airing at 6:00PM, airing directly against CBC Vancouver News on CHEK. On Sundays, CBC Vancouver News was still airing at 11:00PM following The National at 10:00PM. The schedule was so confusing that even the CBC Vancouver official press release stated that CBC Vancouver's late night newscast was airing Saturdays at 10:30PM on CBC when it was actually airing Saturdays at 10:00PM.
CBC Vancouver has gone back to the same schedule as last summer with local news every night at 11:00PM except on Saturdays where local news airs at 10:00PM, with The National airing at 6:00PM, directly against CBC Vancouver 6:00PM news on CHEK (The National is temporarily airing at 3:00PM for the Pan American games)