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    Shaw to apply to launch new Category C specialty news channel: Global News 1



    Toronto, September 22, 2014
    Shaw Media is pleased to announce that it has formally submitted an application to the CRTC for a new national, English-language specialty programming service, Global News 1. This innovative, all-Canadian channel would incorporate separate local news feeds covering as many as 28 different communities, greatly expanding and diversifying the amount of news and information programming in the Canadian broadcasting system.

    “As a leading network and content-experience company, we’re excited about the ability of Global News 1 to meet the changing needs of consumers,” said Troy Reeb, Senior Vice President, News and Station Operations, Shaw Media. “Canadians have made clear the vital importance they place on local news at the same time as they are increasingly turning to 24/7 sources. Global News 1 will connect Canadians not just to the stories that shape their neighborhoods, but that tie the country together.”

    Global News 1 will feature a national newsfeed bookended by local news segments tailored specifically for each of the markets it serves. Using next-generation technology, the service will be framed by a continuous data feed of hyper-local headlines and community events. With the ability to cover live, breaking news at the local, regional or national level, Global News 1 will be like no other service on the dial.

    If approved, Global News 1 will feature distinct local feeds in all 12 markets where Global currently operates conventional television stations. It would also add local newsrooms to eight more communities where there is either no local television news or limited competition. These include Fort McMurray and Red Deer, AB; Sault Ste. Marie, Niagara, Mississauga and Ottawa, ON; Quebec City, QC and Charlottetown, PE. Shaw Media is also proposing to open the channel to eight small-market, independent broadcasters who would have the opportunity to add their own local content to the service and retain all local advertising in their markets.

    At a time when conventional television stations are facing significant economic challenges, Global News 1 offers an innovative solution for the long-term sustainability of local programming, along with greater access to a diverse range of national voices. There is currently no specialty news service in this country that provides such a unique offering to Canadians.


    To answer
    bigoranget's question below, BC1 will continue to exist along with Global News 1.
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    Honestly, I don't see much point in launching another national news service. We already have 3x English ones and 2x French ones if you don't count the English and French business news channels. They should just launch another regional news channel in Alberta where both Global Edmonton and Calgary have very successful newscasts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigoranget View Post
    Honestly, I don't see much point in launching another national news service.
    I do. Back in 2000, when the CRTC was reviewing a flow of new Cat A & B specialties, Canwest submitted licences for a bunch of regional "Global News" (and a "Your Money" one).
    ( See , 561 to 587 )

    Obviously, launching a "Quebec News Network" is a bad idea, but a national news network would allow news teams from each station to contribute to the news channel. In other words, instead of going on site at 1pm. tape a segment that will only be shown at 6pm on the local station, their segment can be put on the air earlier. With the internet and news coming in in real time, and Shaw Media's desire to strenghtened their newscasts, with the liberty that Cat C specialties provide, it makes sense.

    But just like CBC News and CTV News channels, its main focus will be obviously Toronto. Shaw Media will try to balance more Vancouver news, but that's about it.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    So is this Global News 1 going to replace the Global News BC1 channel or will Global News 1 be an additional channel (i.e. subs in BC will get Global News BC1 and Global News 1)?



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