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    Icon4 Satisfaction on USA NETWORK and Showcase

    I've already mentioned in another thread that I truly enjoyed the Satisfaction pilot episode (66 minute version with no commercials from The USA Network -- Showcase version might be extended a bit, if it's in a 2-hour block, instead of a 90-minute block), and that it's best to watch it before you read anything about it. So, if you haven't seen it yet, don't read any of the posts in this thread (other than this one) until you've watched it ... unless you don't mind reading about my favourite scene, the problem with it, and a variety of other things related to the series that you might find interesting.
    Warning: I'm not playing with a full deck.

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    Icon9 I can't get no Satisfaction!

    It's probably best to watch the Pilot episode before you read this post.

    Minor Spoiler Alert

    Avert your eyes!!!

    Time for my rant!

    I've now seen the first 4 episodes of Satisfaction (new drama from The USA Network), and those episodes are all very good and nicely paced. However, there's an original song in the pilot episode (sung by Michelle DeShon --> the 16-year-old daughter in the series) that is purposely cut short (so I was left hanging, wanting to hear more of it), and that song happens to be part of my favourite scene. Now, normally I would easily get over something like that (even though I'd love to hear the rest of that song), simply because the scene made sense as is, and didn't really need to have that original song finished (perhaps the rest of the song wasn't even written because they knew that the script calls for it to be cut off). But here's the problem with that scene: the writers of the series don't let you forget it (other than in episode 2).

    In the third episode, the writers do something so disrespectful to the viewing audience, that I almost hope that the series gets cancelled after just one season (even though it could easily go on for two or three more seasons). The writers actually set things up to make it look like the full song, or at least the unsung portion of it, was going to be sung right then and there, in episode 3. A big smile appeared on my face and then as I leaned in to listen, poof, they cut to another scene that was about 2 minutes long and then the show ended. Only about 3 seconds of the song's opening was sung.

    And then, to add insult to injury, the 4th episode had a cute callback to that favourite scene from the pilot episode, which once again had me thinking about not being able to hear the end of that clever and catchy song. Bastards!!!!

    Also in the 4th episode, there was a brief scene were the daughter (Michelle DeShon) was playing part of a different song for her friends, but as soon as the scene started, I expected the song to be cut off, and it immediately was (no surprise there). Although Michelle will apparently sing more songs on the show, I don't really expect any of them to be completed. Her voice isn't anything special, but if the writers come up with some more clever and catchy songs for her to sing, perhaps they'll eventually be released on iTunes, etc.

    At least for the moment, Michelle DeShon, prefers to keep her age to herself. When asked how old she was (see the interview link below), she asked the interviewer if she had to tell. She was told that she didn't, so she declined ("I don't want to tell," she whispered). I don't even see her age or anything else of a personal nature listed online (it shouldn't be this hard to stalk somebody). I know that she just recently learned to play a few songs on the guitar, by watching YouTube videos before her Satisfaction audition, but not much else. She's a mysterious one, that girl.
    [Michelle DeShon's first cast interview, ever! - Satisfaction]
    [Michelle DeShon info - simply taken from the YouTube interview video from the previous link]
    [Song clips from Satisfaction Season 1 -- except for the song sung by Michelle DeShon -- bastards!]
    [Here's the video of my favourite scene from the pilot episode -- with the song that left me wanting more! Bastards!!!]

    And here are two reader comments taken from the above link:

    I've watched this episode so many times already since it aired and I can't help but love this song! Hah! I wish there was a full version of it.

    Is there a full version of that song? if so I would love to have it as my ring tone!!!
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    Warning: I'm not playing with a full deck.



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