WPTZ (NBC Plattsburgh) announced last week that they'll move MeTV over to 5.3 and launch a new subchannel, The Valley CW on 5.2, starting Sept 15, 2014.

Apparently, the 5.2 subchannel will be broadcast in 16:9 and 480i.

Here's a peek for Monday September 15.
6AM : The Better Show
7AM : Intelligence for Your Life
7:30: King of the Hill
8AM : Are We There Yet? x2
9AM : The Steve Wilkos Show
10AM : Cheaters x2
11AM : The King of Queens x2
12PM : Infomercial
12:30 : The Steve Wilkos Show
1:30 : Infomercial
2PM : Just Shoot Me x2
3PM : The Bill Cunningham Show
4PM : The Steve Wilkos Show
5PM: Rules of Engagement x2
6PM : Cops Reloaded x2
7PM : King of the Hill
7:30 : The Cleveland Show
8PM : The CW Primetime
10PM : Seinfeld x2
11PM : Community x2
12AM : That '70s Show x2
1AM : Infomercials

Basically, it looks like a reboot of WFFF 44.2. On a brighter side, MeTV gets a full schedule.