WPIX, KTLA, WSBK, WGN(CW Feed) and Peachtree Tv...Superstations...Try Stupid

Yes they are offered with our movie packages except Peachtree of course once known as TBS and are they Super...no they are stupid
Maura Povich, Judge Judy, Rachael raye, the same shows offered by our locals and we pay to have them on along with our Movie
packages and all we see is talk shows, talkshows and nothing but talkshows and boring CW and MyNetworkTv shows, that's not Super
and peachTree's lineup is even more lousy than the rest no wonder Cogeco pulled that network off 3 years ago

We need stations like antenna Tv, METV, This Tv that offer such better shows than these Not so superstations
and most companies offer the WGN America feed with some better shows and some the WGN CW Feed(boing)