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    Will Superchannel air 'Anarchy Afterword' since FX announced it'll be aired on tv?

    FX (USA) announced after the Sons of Anarchy premiere they'll air the post show on tv live. Like AMC's Talking Dead.

    Will Superchannel or FX air it tonight?

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    No and No.

    Anarchy Afterword
    will not air in Canada, unless there's a sudden change in plans and a new rights agreement (don't hold your breath).

    Note: There are only 5 episodes for S7 of Anarchy Afterword (following episodes: 1, 4, 7, 12, and the final episode #13).

    Super Channel confirmed on its Facebook page (about 3 hours ago) that it will not be airing Anarchy Afterword. No reason was given, as of yet.

    Super Channel currently owns the Canadian rights to the new (and previous season -- now S6) episodes (now final S7) of the Sons of Anarchy series (the deal was done before FX Canada was created), but not the FX after show, Anarchy Afterword.

    Since Anarchy Afterword is most likely an original FX production, I doubt that FX would sell it to Super Channel at a reasonable price, if at all. Instead, since FX Canada will be airing Seasons 6 and 7 much later on (the older S5 debuts tonight on FX Canada), that's when you might be able to see the S6 and S7 episodes of Anarchy Afterword on Canadian TV, or perhaps on the FX Canada website.

    At this point, it wouldn't make much sense for FX Canada to air the S7 Anarchy Afterword episodes, simply because the actual S7 episodes are only currently available on Super Channel for Canadian viewers.

    The Anarchy Afterword episodes can be streamed from the website (or also linked via:, also geo-blocked), but that site is geo-blocked to us (unless you want to get sneaky, or simply wait for the online pirates to upload the episodes shortly after they air -- at least for the first and last one that air on FX US -- the other 3 episodes of Anarchy Afterword [only 5 total episodes for S7] are online exclusives to -- until the pirates upload them elsewhere).

    Taken from the above link:

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    Thanks for letting me know!



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