Looks like most of the primetime shows (acquired for CHCH/Channel Zero) that aired on CHEK last season moved over to Joytv, while CHEK's lineup has many of the shows acquired by yesTV.

Here is the recent media kit for Joytv:

Brief summary:

CHEK already has back-to-back episodes of The X Factor UK on Wednesdays, The Biggest Loser on Thursdays, and on weekdays the new syndicated series Hot Bench. They also have Judge Judy, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy! and America's Funniest Home Videos. Finally, there's American Idol in midseason. The only shows from Channel Zero they managed to keep were syndicated reruns of Bones and Burn Notice (both of which air on CHCH in Ontario).

Other than that, Joytv pretty much has a lineup that's similar to CHCH, with The Originals on Mondays, 20/20, Last Man Standing and the new sitcom Cristela on Fridays, and 48 Hours Mystery on Saturdays. They also have Supernatural on Tuesdays airing in simulcast with The CW (It was dropped by CHCH for this season but will air on M3 in post-release Mondays at midnight starting October 13). They also have Hart of Dixie, which is mentioned as returning in January (presumably also on CHCH but not confirmed).

Rounding out their lineup is The Steve Harvey Show, The Simpsons and some of the British and Canadian series airing weekdays on Vision.