It looks like the Tribune owned KCPQ in Seattle, branded on-air as Q13FOX could be losing its FOX affiliation. Due to the fact that Seattle is a key NFL market, FOX wanted to buy the station and it appears Tribune wasn't very interested in selling. FOX sent the station notice of affiliate termination effective January 17th 2015, exactly one day before the NFC Championship Game where Seattle could possibly be playing. It looked like Tribune and FOX would likely come to an agreement for FOX to buy the station but FOX has now purchased the independent Bellingham station KBCB (which has no news operation and currently an affiliate of a home shopping network). Now that FOX has another station lined up to air FOX programming, it looks like Tribune will have to decide if they want to keep KCPQ as an independent station or sell the station to FOX. Even though FOX will own KBCB, it would still be ideal for them to buy KCPQ as it already has an existing news operation, something FOX would obviously want in Seattle (local news is profitable in the United States because it operates under the viable dual revenue stream model of advertising + subscription fees as opposed to the broken advertising only model)

KCPQ is the FOX affiliate for Vancouver and I believe the rest of British Columbia, it is also the west FOX station for Bell and Shaw Direct (Shaw Direct also offers the Spokane locals, although I don't know why anyone would choose them over the superior Seattle stations)

I hope Tribune makes an agreement to sell the station to FOX as it's better than the alternative of losing FOX programming, Tribune runs a good news division in Seattle but FOX has also done a good job at running strong local news operations, and I would hate to see KCPQ's local news impacted by the loss of FOX programming and NFL Football revenue. FOX pretty much did the exact same thing for the same reasons (NFL market) a few years ago in South Carolina, and although FOX struggled with launching a news operation from scratch, the station that lost its FOX affiliation also experienced lower ratings for their local news. This is a perfect example of just how powerless local affiliates are to the U.S. networks. Fortunately, we don't have to worry about this kind of thing happening in Canada as our networks own practically all of their stations, which also allows for small markets to have better funded news operations than they would if they were independently owned.