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    I'm pretty sure CTV News Channel and CBC News Network were covering this.

    Not even close to as much or extensively as BC1.
    It's not like Global (the main station) interrupted their programming either
    Which is why every BC provider should offer BC1. The conventional channels don't always break in so when the conventional stations are airing regular programming and the national news channels are covering other news BC1 is the only source for unmatched extensive breaking news coverage on TV. From severe weather resulting in a local state of emergency in Delta to the SkyTrain shut down to a toxic chemical fire at Port of Vancouver to wildfires in the rest of BC, only BC1 is all over it with hours of extensive coverage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigoranget View Post
    Also I still maintain, that there is more to Telus Optik not carrying BC1 than what TVViewer would have you believe. They carry every other Shaw Media channel but BC1. What reason would Telus Optik refuse to carry the service? Telus probably wants to put BC1 in a news package and Shaw wont play ball. They probably want basic service or no carriage at all. It's either that or Shaw Media just isn't negotiating in good faith with any potential competitors. It's the same BS that Bell and Rogers pull whenever they launch new services too.

    I don't agree this is true, but for arguments sake let's assume it is. Is that really so bad? It's normal for a local channel to be included in basic. Every other local channel is included in basic. Telus even includes CBC News Network in basic despite the fact that there is no requirement for them to do so, they even offer Gusto TV and M3 in basic. I'm not really sure what's so unreasonable about not offering a local channel, especially a local news sub-channel of BC's dominant news organization, Global News, in basic. Rogers offers CP24 in basic. Novus offers BC1 in basic, and since Shaw offers the national CBC and CTV news channels in basic, I'm sure they would also offer Global BC's local news channel in basic even if they didn't own Global. If CHCH was a specialty channel I'm sure all the providers in the areas CHCH covers would offer the channel in basic. That's just the norm for channels offering local news. So even if what you are saying is true (and I don't think it is, especially since Delta and Coast cable do offer BC1 but don't include it in basic OR the news theme pack), I don't see why you think that's a good excuse for Telus to not offer the channel. My arguments are for Telus/Bell customers who want to watch BC1. Who are you making this argument for? I don't think any Telus customer who wants to watch the channel will be satisfied that Telus is not carrying it because their only option is to put it in basic when the channel is in basic on most of the other providers plus the fact that Telus offers non-local news channels like CBC News Network in basic. You can make up all the assumptions you want about Shaw supposedly acting in bad faith, but I don't see how they satisfy the poor Telus customers who were forced into Telus 3 year contract and can't watch all the additional newscasts, breaking news, and extensive coverage only available on BC1

    Also, Novus is a direct competitor to Shaw. Novus and Shaw were involved in a public war for customers just a few years ago, so your argument that Shaw is keeping the channel from Telus because they are a direct competitor is pretty weak considering BC1 is available on Novus.
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    My views are my own and do not represent any company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TVViewer View Post
    If CHCH was a specialty channel I'm sure all the providers in the areas CHCH covers would offer the channel in basic.
    If they had to pay what Shaw is asking for BC1?



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