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    It's time for Steve Darling , ( early morning host ) to move on...he is such a boring/jerk it's incredible...takes great comfort in making what he thinks are funny jokes/comments..then spends a good deal of time laughing at his own attempt at humour...he seems to still live in the 80's and 90's continually using old cliches and buzz words from that era. His recent gaff with a wonderful young lady who was demonstrating how to open a chanpagne bottle using a sword ( it unfortunately failed twice ..' .broken bottle neck ' ... resulting in a spray of liquid bubbles all over the demonstrator and Steve Darling ...Steve of course immediately grabbed a towel and wiped his fake ARMANI suit , and not once offered the towel to the demo lady ....what a boor...
    Bye bye Steve..

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    Even though the vast, vast majority of viewer comments towards on-air personalities are positive, I never understand why the small number of people publicly make these mean nasty comments about on-air personalities they have never met. Pretty much every on-air personality at every television station gets them at least once, even the extremely popular fan favorite personalities like Steve Darling (co-anchor of Global BC Morning News which is by far Vancouver's #1 most watched morning show with more viewers than everyone else combined) can't escape these type of comments. I get that even the most popular of personalities will annoy some viewers, and there have been some rare moments when even I feel that some people are not the right fit for certain programs, but I don't think the station should remove someone from the airwaves because of my personal opinion, and I certainly don't think anyone needs to hear my opinion about which on-air personalities happen to annoy me. Why should anyone care which morning show host you find annoying? How big of an ego does one person have to have to expect a television network to remove someone from the program because they happen to find them annoying? Nobody is forcing them to watch, so why complain to the station or in this case on a public message board? Do they honestly think the station is going to care what they think and make changes to the on-air lineup because of their insulting offensive complaints? If they fired everyone who received these type of complaints no station would have anyone left to appear on-air. It's just something I will never understand and it will always be one of my biggest pet peeves, not because these type of comments hurt the feelings of on-air personalities (they don't, as I said above everyone gets them) but because there are people out there so egocentric that they think their stupid mean-spirited comments are actually going to be taken with more than a grain of salt. Maybe people like "solerai" would see how ridiculous their behavior is if they actually lost their job because a few people complained how boring and unfunny they are (along with all the other personal flaws solerai likely has)

    Just to show how serisouly on-air personalities take these type of comments, here is a video from the team of Calgary's #1 morning show reading mean comments that were directed at them in 2014

    BTW, Morning News used to have a single anchor format and Steve Darling joined the show as co-anchor in September 2001 (just days before he would be co-anchoring Global's breaking news coverage of 9/11) the move was somewhat of a risk with this being his first news anchoring job as he was previously BCTV's weekend sports anchor and moving sports anchors to news is something that stations rarely do but the risk paid off as he fit right in and remains one of BC's most popular anchors (Global BC just recently made a similar decision with a popular sports anchor now co-anchoring BC1's AfterNoon at 1:00PM)
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    Here's a very recent example of news personalities responding to these type of comments

    As I said above, the vast majority of viewer comments are positive and friendly, but it's still sad that there are people out there who make these type of nasty comments about people who have done absolutely nothing to them, and even more sad that they think their comments will actually make a difference. It's just so disturbing that some people think anyone, let alone the television station, is going to care if they think someone on TV is too pregnant or boring or annoying or unfunny. Every station should do what Global BC did and inform these type of people that they don't care one bit if you stop watching. As noted in the video from BC1's Unfiltered in the link below, claiming they will stop watching the station is almost always the "threat" that follows the complaint and it's about time these "people" learn that it means absolutely nothing to the station if they stop watching because of what they think. I would love to see these type of people blocked from watching stations they make these type of complaints about and if it was possible I bet many stations would gladly choose to do this.

    Link to video of Kristi Gordon interview on BC1's Unfiltered
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    The television set is a fascinating device. Jimmy Fallon never physically enters my home, but if I tune to The Tonight Show, he magically appears. How'd he get into my TV? Wow. Wait a minute. How come he gets to be on TV and I don't? He thinks he's so funny, but is he really?

    I personally think Fallon's funny and very talented, but picking people apart is a rather common phenomenon. If he pops up on my TV set, I'm going to critique his performance. I wouldn't be motivated to send a letter, but I might write a post about my opinion of him, just to satisfy my desire of trying to control things that I have no business trying to control. Should Fallon stay as the host just because I like him? No, but if the ratings are good, he'll get to stay, regardless of what I think.

    I like the way the Global on-air talent dealt with the issue of mean tweets and letters, but when they started to attack the letter writer's incorrect spelling of Global, it started to sound rather childish. I would have done the same thing, but when they were "hating" the hater, the entire argument against mean letters seemed to lose its steam.

    Most of the time, the mean tweets and letters are ignored, but now that Jimmy Kimmel has made Mean Tweets a comedy bit on his show (read by the actual targeted celebs), others are trying to do the same thing. The Global News team did it in a more professional way (for the most part), but it still eventually played out like a comedy bit. It was more entertaining than the weather, that's for sure.

    If you boo athletes, and they actually pay attention, the boo birds will most likely boo even louder and more often. People like to see what they can get away with, and how much they can affect things. That's what some complainers are generally doing. They are trying to gain control of things that they think they can somehow control, simply by yelling the loudest, and hoping that others blindly follow them. Can you get a weather person fired with complaints about her belly and clothing? I doubt it, but some people obviously feel the need to voice their opinions to anybody who will listen -- even if those opinions are made up, simply to get a reaction from those people that appear inside their TV set.

    Dear Globell,

    Men with beer bellies need to better represented during weather forecasts. Fire that pregnant woman and let me do the weather! I don't even drink beer, but at least I'm not pregnant! Forcing pregnant women to work for minimum wage is disgusting!


    Ba Ba Booey (Howard Stern is my boss).
    Warning: I'm not playing with a full deck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PokerFace View Post
    ... Jimmy Fallon ... He thinks he's so funny, but is he really?..
    I could take or leave him, and have really only watched any part of his show on rare occasions for a guest he interviews or performs on the show. Some people don't like how funny he thinks he is -- laughing at himself so much. But, in the two or three times I've watched part of the Tonight Show since he became host, he now unfortunately seems to have been told to laugh way too much at almost everything the guests say, almost like he's doing it sarcastically.
    Quote Originally Posted by PokerFace View Post
    ... now that Jimmy Kimmel has made Mean Tweets a comedy bit on his show (read by the actual targeted celebs) ...
    That was the first thing I thought of -- they're trying to be like the bit on the Kimmel show.
    Quote Originally Posted by PokerFace View Post
    ... They are trying to gain control of things that they think they can somehow control, simply by yelling the loudest.
    Sounds vaguely familiar. Hmm, where might have I seen something like that?
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