Celebrity Name Game has recently started its second season (I assume they filmed the episodes all at once and just split them up into 2 seasons). City airs the new episodes in the 3pm to 3:30pm (EDT) timeslot and then usually seems to follow that with a rerun from Season 1 in the 3:30pm to 4pm timeslot. Many other channels also carry the show, so it's pretty easy to use it as background noise/entertainment as I surf the net or do other things (like rearranging my sock drawer or talking to myself -- You talkin' to me?).

I still enjoy the show (despite the repetitiveness factor of often using the same Celebrity names over and over and over and over again), but today's episode (episode 165) with Ross Matthews and Cat Deeley (they both also appeared in yesterday's episode) included a first-time feat that I was waiting and waiting for. Finally happened. Now I can get back to my interesting conversation with myself about the differences between dust and dirt.