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    Icon13 Worst Shows of the Year ... So bad, they're even worse than they should be!

    Luckily, there's not enough time in the day to stumble across all the junk (one man's junk is another man's treasure) out there, but here are a few nominees that I forced myself to scan through or watch ...

    BOMBS AWAY ... The Worst of the Worst (not in any specific order):

    1) The Grace Helbig Show (E!): I liked her when I saw her being interviewed on a talk show, but when I tried to watch some of her new E! show, I wanted to die. Apparently, even her YouTube fans aren't tuning in to watch this trainwreck of a show.

    2) The Messengers (The CW) (Shomi - Canada) (Cancelled): Started off fine, I suppose, but it didn't take long to transform itself into a cruel joke on the audience. Don't hate the messenger, but go ahead and hate The Messengers as much as I do.

    3) Childrens Hospital - Season 6 (Adult Swim, Much Music -- or whatever it's called): The season started off okay, but I'm not sure what happened to make Season 6 suddenly fall to the levels of cancellation time. Even with a running time of 11 minutes, I couldn't sit through the latest episode (Koontz is Coming). I assume that some of the later episodes will also have a few chuckles here and there (I generally watch the show for Malin Akerman -- a Cameron Diaz lookalike and soundalike), but each time Henry Winkler appears on the screen, I'm reminded of Happy Days -- when The Fonz jumped the shark. Even though the low production values are intentional, I believe that this show might have finally worn out its welcome and jumped the cadaver.

    Season 7 was the final season of Childrens Hospital ... last two episodes aired today (Apr 15, 2016) ... Oh, my. If you look up the word Garbage in the dictionary, it will tell you to watch the last two episodes (combined into a single 22-minute piece of excrement) of Childrens Hospital to truly understand the meaning of the word garbage. At least they tried to be different ... too bad it was a complete failure.

    4) Keeping Up with the Kardashians (E!): So bad, it's worse than ever before ... and that's not an easy task. Not sure what season this show became must-miss TV (some would say the very first episode of season 1), but now that Bruce Jenner is transitioning into a woman, it would be a good time for the Kardashian women to stop shaving and transition into men. It would make for a more interesting series finale, but I'm beginning to wonder if this E! flagship series will ever end, or stop spinning off into multiple trainwrecks.

    5) Queens of Drama (Pop TV): On an American channel that I've never heard of before [it also carries CBC's Schitt's Creek and previous YouTube series, The Impression Guys -- now called Impress Me (which is actually quite good due to the great impressions and many guest stars)]. Donna Mills (looks great for a 70+ years-old, plastic-surgery star, except for her wrinkly neck), Vanessa Marcil, Hunter Tylo, and three other women I've never heard of, are part of a terrible attempt at duplicating one of those Real Housewives reality shows. Truly some of the worst staged-acting that I have ever seen by moderately-talented actresses. I thought this was going to be a drama, or at least a spoof, but instead it's as bad or worse than all the other reality shows that could be on any Worst Shows list.

    Extra Notes:

    Malin Akerman is also in the Yahoo Screen series: Sin City Saints. I enjoyed the eight episodes of Season 1, but perhaps I was much less critical of it since it's only on Yahoo Screen.

    Community's - 6th season (only on Yahoo Screen for now) is also quite entertaining, but again, perhaps my opinions are influenced by the fact that it was dropped by NBC after the 5th season, and picked up by Yahoo Screen for an exclusive run.

    EDIT: Community's 9th and 10th episodes of Season 6 were awful! Not sure how it happened, but I hope they recover and get back on track.
    Last edited by PokerFace; 04-16-2016 at 01:27 AM. Reason: Childrens Hospital has ended ... thank you God.
    Warning: I'm not playing with a full deck.



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