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Thread: 2015 Pilots

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    2015 Pilots

    The Internet is the only "channel" I care about.

    Crowded: Grade C (6/10)... Been there, done that. Still somewhat likable.

    Has a laugh track that wasn't too loud, so I was able to basically ignore it.

    iCarly lead chick (Miranda Cosgrove) was in it. She was fine, as was the rest of the cast (except for a few duds that should have never been cast ... hopefully they'll be replaced or written out of future episodes).

    A harmless pilot that still provided enough chuckles to keep me from losing interest. I'll watch a few more episodes here and there, but only because Miranda Cosgrove is in it.

    Thanks for the sneak peek, Internet channel.
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    Supergirl: Grade B+ (7.5/10) ... basically a DC version of Marvel's Agents of Shield, but with a much better softer side.

    Supergirl herself is the standout, but obviously that's the way the pilot is written. The actress (never heard of her) does a fine job of centering the show. The rest of the cast might as well be invisible as far as I'm concerned ... even though there's nothing really wrong with them (Calista Flockhart's role improves as the episode progresses), but once the typical good vs. evil motif rears its ugly head, the cringe factor isn't too far behind.

    I liked the first few episodes of The Flash, never liked Agents of Shield, and I assume it's only a matter of time before I'm FF-scanning to the scenes with Supergirl (and even her not-so-secret identity version).

    I love the flying scenes and some of the basic stunts were good enough to suspend disbelief, but there was at least one scene were I could easily tell Supergirl stopped short of kicking the bad guy as her wire-rig stopped her momentum, and then the bad guy's wire-rig just pulled him backwards. It was a little too obvious and looked sloppy.

    The evil characters are often hamming it up, as is the case with most superhero fare, but since Supergirl has some more grounded dramatic scenes with a lush music background, the combination of the two styles really started to bug me. Smallville had a similar problem, but since there were so many other well-rounded characters to care about, it was easier to overlook the flaws (at least for the first few seasons).

    Sure, this is just the pilot episode, but if I'm already annoyed by all that surrounds Supergirl, I don't hold out much hope for the scenes that don't include her.

    I watched Wonder Woman for Lynda Carter. The show was quite awful, but as long as Lynda's wonder twins were activated, I was a happy camper.

    Supergirl doesn't need to expose her skin to keep me watching. The future episodes just need more Supergirl and less of everything else.

    Not only can this girl fly, but I think she can actually act. She's B-list, but she still somehow manages to shine.

    There are many entertaining moments and some nice casting choices that will make you smile. It's much easier to suspend disbelief when you're willing to trust that at least the drama portions will be of some quality, so that the camp factor is easier to forgive, or even completely ignore.

    I will destroy Supergirl!

    No you won't! Because if she dies, the series is over.

    This series might be more at home on The CW, but I'm just glad CBS gave Supergirl her moment in the sun.
    Warning: I'm not playing with a full deck.



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