Mr. Robot ... It's got hacking and a Neil Diamond song ... what else do you need?

How about robots? Sure, but not the kind you're thinking of.

Grade: A (8/10)

While watching Mr. Robot, I kept thinking that I was watching the first hour of a low-budget independent movie that was released as a VOD preview. Nope, it wasn't a movie, but rather the pilot episode of a new USA Network series scheduled to be released in June. Showcase will air it in Canada.

I enjoyed the pilot episode, even though it was not always a pleasant experience. I'm not sure this series is something that I will look forward to watching future episodes of, but I'm pretty sure I will not be able to ignore it. I'm curious to see when, or if, this series falls off the rails, so I will certainly return for the remaining episodes. I'm skeptical that Mr. Robot will take me where I want to go, but if I end up somewhere I never expected, that should be good enough.
[Mr. Robot ... Hack off!]
[Coming soon to Showcase]