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Thread: yesTV Fall 2015

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    yesTV Fall 2015

    yesTV Fall 2015 Schedule

    Entertainment Block

    2:00pm Family Movies
    4:00pm Hot Bench (s)
    4:30pm Hot Bench (s)
    5:00pm Canadian Reno Block
    5:30pm Everybody Loves Raymond

    6:00pm Family Feud
    6:30pm Judge Judy (s)
    7:00pm Wheel of Fortune (s) (Monday thru Saturday)
    7:30pm Jeopardy! (s) (Monday thru Saturday)

    PRIMETIME (Wednesday and Thursday)
    8:00pm The X Factor UK (Sept-Dec) / American Idol (Jan-May) (s-FOX)

    7:00pm America's Funniest Home Videos (s-ABC)

    Overall, nothing special and no new acquisitions unlike last year. No mention of The Biggest Loser - presumably, it will turn up once NBC confirms a timeslot for it in their schedule at some point later in the season.

    Some of the programs also air on CHEK (Vancouver Island) and NTV (Newfoundland) as part of a new alliance with the yesTV stations in Ontario and Alberta - collectively known as NET5.

    Schedule for Ontario:
    Schedule for Alberta:
    Last edited by lostjon; 06-19-2015 at 01:39 AM. Reason: Included PDF links for both Ontario and Alberta schedules



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