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    Bosch on Amazon and CraveTV

    Bosch - Season 1 (10 episodes)(Amazon, CraveTV):

    C (6.1/10)

    Slow, steady, but still annoying enough to send me on my skip-jumping way. The pilot episode (the original version that runs two minutes longer than the "newer" cut that is only 47 minutes long) was the best of the bunch (of 10 episodes), which isn't saying much.

    They actually recast the initial pilot episode of Bosch and made it worse. Adding Mimi Rogers was a mistake (although perhaps she will be needed for an expanded storyline in the upcoming Season 2?), and they even replaced a homeless guy (he only had a few lines of dialogue). Very weird indeed, especially since the (two) actors in the original pilot all did a better job than their replacements (even most of the dialogue was better in the original pilot version).

    Anyway, it was certainly interesting to see the two different versions of the pilot, and Bosch as a character, was compelling enough to follow through to the end of yet another police procedural that I could have lived without. Binge-watching while skip-jumping through, makes it much easier to get rid of the average stuff that populates the online world.
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