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    CBC ‘handcuffs’ itself with decision to air Rogers’ NHL playoff games

    The Globe and Mail

    The impact of CBC’s decision to allow for-profit Rogers Communications to broadcast NHL games for free on the public network could hit CBC’s bottom line hard over the next two and a half months thanks to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

    During the 2014-15 regular season, the first since it lost the national NHL broadcast rights to Rogers, CBC aired the Rogers-produced games mainly on Saturday nights. But under the terms of its deal (among other things, it maintains a regular Hockey Night in Canada presence on Saturday nights), Rogers collects all of the advertising revenue from games shown on CBC.

    So the public broadcaster is about to go for weeks without any significant prime-time ad revenue. There will be playoff games on CBC almost every night through the first three playoff rounds because Rogers is carrying every series.

    In previous years, TSN aired at least two playoff series through the first three rounds, which limited the number of games telecast by CBC. But that changes with this year’s playoffs. In the first round, for example, CBC will carry at least one game and often two every night from April 15 through the end of the month if all of the opening-round series go to their seven-game limits.

    “For the next eight weeks, because of this deal with Rogers, it basically means [CBC] can’t make any money,” broadcast industry observer Barry Kiefl, president of Canadian Media Research Inc., said Monday. “It’s a real set of handcuffs for the CBC. It’s devastating in that respect.”
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    I really can't believe even CBC was stupid enough to agree to this. It's one thing to air hockey with no advertising revenue on Saturday nights (which has its own disadvantages for CBC) but to pre-empt their primetime schedule for so many nights this spring is just idiotic. The fact that they don't have to pay for hockey does not offset that they don't make any money from broadcasting it. They could air movies or repeats and collect some advertising revenue at no cost, and movies and repeats wouldn't force them to pre-empt their news like hockey does (especially in Western Canada)
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