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    Icon14 TV episode/Movie Scripts website

    I didn't ever think to check Google for scripts of very recent TV episodes, until I was watching the Season 1 finale of Legends (I'm not a fan of the series), and noticed that the online TV file I was watching had a glitch that cut out an important word from the episode.

    So, rather than looking for a better DVD version of the episode online, I stumbled across a website that had the full script of the episode I wanted. The scripts don't have character names for the dialogue (not really necessary, anyway), but if a TV episode (or movie) has an audio glitch, or you need to figure out what a character with a thick accent actually said (assuming you don't want to bother looking for subtitles), the website I checked will probably have what you're looking for:
    [Search for a TV series, or Movie to find the script - Very handy]

    I assume that there are other websites with similar content, but I haven't noticed another site that has so many recent scripts (uploaded so quickly) for brand new episodes of TV shows like the website listed above. Thank you, Springfield.
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    Stumbled across another script website for TV shows. This one also has many current shows, including the first two episodes of Angie Tribeca (TBS, from this week) that the above script website doesn't have yet.

    The transcripts here also don't always list the names of the characters speaking, but it's still better than nothing.
    [A-Z script listing for some recent TV shows]

    To find shows not listed on the main A-Z page (only fairly recent additions are listed there), you have to click the menu icon (the 3 bars icon at top left of page) and then select Search from the drop-down menu to type the name of the series you want.

    Using the search method, I found the following:

    [Halt and Catch Fire transcripts][Note: can also be found on the other website]
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    Warning: I'm not playing with a full deck.

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    It's a new information for me. Thank you for sharing.



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