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    Fall 2015 TV -- Some of the Sept. to Dec. American TV premiere dates
    [2015 Fall TV Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows]

    By no means a complete list, but still a good enough start. [For example: It's missing the Netflix Nov. 18th listing for River (interesting, but sluggish beyond the pilot) -- currently airing on BBC in the UK ... AND missing some HULU content like: Casual - Oct. 7th -- (I'm hanging in so far, waiting for it to improve in episode 6)]. Throw in some foreign content now airing in the UK and Australia and it's no wonder my eyes are bleeding.

    Looking at the list from the above link, I watched/sampled the following shows (my opinion in parenthesis):

    Hand of God (undecided - seems like it will improve, or perhaps become unwatchable -- not sure after only 2 episodes)

    You're the Worst (undecided, but seems like it will improve)

    Longmire (finished - average)

    Continuum (weak final season, so far)

    Ferrell Takes the Field (Finished - some laughs, but much worse than I expected)

    Doll & Em (finished - weak)

    Dancing With the Stars (liked some moments here and there ... but mostly makes me vomit, so I mostly ignore it)

    The Mindy Project (lost interest ... not my cup of tea; even the Hulu episodes do nothing for me)

    Best Time Ever (has its moments, but should be so much better -- season's over, but I only watched the first two episodes)

    The Bastard Executioner (no thanks, it should be sponsored by No Head and Shoulders)

    South Park (me likey)

    Moonbeam City (I skim through it -- bearable at best -- but I keep thinking it will somehow surprise me)

    Doctor Who (the creatures look silly, plots often annoy me, but some gems in the mix - every now and then)

    Gotham (still not remotely interested)

    The Big Bang Theory (no thanks, not enough banging)

    Life in Pieces (I will try it soon ... I'm a Betsy Brandt fan)

    The Voice (no thanks, my ears are bleeding ... although I will watch the foreign versions, if I like the judges enough)

    Minority Report (Dull, dull and duller ... I aborted early)

    Scorpion (mostly juvenile ... I don't understand the appeal ... I only sample some episodes to see if Katharine McPhee does anything interesting ... still waiting)

    Castle (is this still on? ... I'll watch a few episodes depending on the plot description and jpeg images, but mostly I'm waiting for this to die)

    Blindspot (yeah, I watch it, but I'm waiting for a time when I'm in the mood to binge-watch the whole thing, assuming that it still has enough pull to take me from the third episode to the finish)

    Wow. I'm already bored, and I'm only at Sept 21st.

    Time to jump ahead to Nov 10th ...

    Donny! (USA Network): Oh my. How'd this get on the USA Network? I've seen much worse, but this looks like it would be better suited for the PopTV channel (a channel most people have probably never heard of ... only Impress Me is worth watching).

    EDIT: I now actually like Donny! I finished watching the first 5 (of 6) episodes and find it to be a harmless escape into silly land. The 10:30pm timeslot suits its slightly vulgar or risqué dialogue and situations.

    The shows keep coming. So many in fact, that even stuff like Legends failed to hold my interest once the timelines started jumping all over the place. I'm watching the first episode (of season 2) and thinking: Oh, that's an interesting way to present this story, and then boom! ... it's time to jump backwards in time and bore me to death with how they got where they are ... then jump ahead, then back, then my head hurts and I've suddenly lost interest.

    Luckily, with so many shows to choose from, there's no need for me to be patient with frustrating shows. They exist, much like the NCIS franchise, but until they are yanked from the schedule, they merely serve as traffic jams that I must drive around or through, until I reach the open highway.

    Yeah, I'm still looking for content that grabs me, holds me and then gives me a nice kiss goodnight, however, as I search through the long lists of uploaded content (almost every day), I'm often too easily tempted to click a show link and see if I can be surprised by something that somehow looks promising. Sort of like buying a lottery ticket, even though you know you won't hit the jackpot. Hmmm, a free ticket again? Oh come on, at least let me get 4 numbers for $70.

    Time to head back to the "real" Discovery channel ... the Internet. :anonymous:
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    Warning: I'm not playing with a full deck.



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