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    Icon14 has VOD content ready to watch BEFORE it airs on its traditional TV stations

    I don't know how long this has been going on, but each time I go to the CBC website, I've noticed that complete episodes of CBC programs like Dragons' Den, The Romeo Section, Marketplace, The Fifth Estate, etc. are all available for streaming BEFORE they finish airing on traditional TV stations [even the early-bird airings that air an hour earlier on CBNT (St. John's Newfoundland) and CBHT (Halifax, Nova Scotia)].

    Since I also skip the commercials, I can finish all the brand new, unaired CBC content well before it finishes airing on the CBC's traditional TV stations. I'm not sure how early the episodes appear online, but today's Dragons' Den was up by at least 7:55pm ET (although I assume it was ready even earlier). The Romeo Section was available online by at least 8:15pm (though it was probably ready even earlier).

    That's a good way to drive eyeballs to the CBC website and bypass traditional TV. No need to even wait until a show finishes airing on traditional TV before you can access the VOD option.

    I'm not aware of any other channel that does this, but it is rather handy to be able to watch something online BEFORE it finishes airing on traditional TV. And it's all legal. God bless the CBC.
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