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    Icon14 -- Now you can see where to stream content from Canada and beyond! (you can select different countries, 7 for now, such as: Canada, USA and UK,etc. --> for the US options) (for Canada streaming options) (for Shomi only) (for CraveTV only)

    Finally a website/app that lets Canadians see what streaming services have the content we want to access from Canada (without having to use a VPN or DNS trickery). I assume that there are other sites/apps featuring Canada (other than the easy to find Netflix Canada info, of course), but I haven't stumbled across any others (plus I don't have a smart phone).

    For example, let's say you want to watch the new Crackle series The Art of More, but when you go to the Crackle website, it doesn't appear in the search. That's because it's only for the Americans there, so you need to access the website with a VPN or DNS trickery to make it appear you are in the USA (once you do that, you can stream the series for free).

    But what if you want to find out where you can stream something (as a Canadian) without resorting to piracy? Well, simply go to and you can find out (although Crackle can be troublesome, so read on).

    So, for The Art of More, you can find out that it's also available on Shomi for Canadian streamers.

    Unfortunately, the website doesn't seem to work for finding any Crackle TV series content (at least for now) that's exclusively available on Crackle (but it does find the Crackle movies, luckily), so it's best to visit the Crackle website if you're looking for exclusive Crackle TV content (like Comedians in Cars ... New season began yesterday). And you also won't be able to see what content is streaming on network sites like ABC, CBS, Global, etc.

    One major flaw with the search results and display is that there doesn't appear to be a way to arrange the titles in alphabetical order, but perhaps that feature will be an option later on.

    Try using the filters and you'll quickly see how nice it is to isolate your favourite streaming services with a simple click. And if you want to start over from scratch, you can always click the Reset link.

    EDIT: Although the UK version of the website let's you see what's available for the ITV player, it's not entirely accurate, as it's incorrectly missing available content like the 3rd season of The Car Chasers (a CNBC series), so I also assume that other streaming services listed on, also contain some errors -- but since nothing is perfect in life, it's certainly not a deal breaker.

    Stream on, Canada!

    [Playable via YouTube website only]
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    Still no service detailing available content that isn't filled with errors, but perhaps one day there will be a few that are closer to 95% accurate.

    More failed attempts at keeping us properly informed:
    [What's on shomi -- still fails to list all available shomi content --> The Art of More is not listed ... shame on you!]
    [yet another listing for shomi's new content for the current month]
    Warning: I'm not playing with a full deck.



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