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    PlayStation Vue Live TV Service Expands

    PlayStation Vue Live TV Service Expands In the U.S.

    Entire Article
    Probably not coming to Canada anytime soon

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    If I had to pick, I'd obviously go with Playstation Vue over Sling, but there's certainly room for improvement.

    Here's another review of Playstation Vue with a Sling comparison thrown in for good measure:
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    [Page 2 of 2]
    [Sling vs Vue ... Top 162 Channels]
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    Yet another article about Playstation Vue:

    Are there commercials?

    PlayStation Vue mimics traditional TV service in this regard, so you’ll get commercial breaks while watching channels in real time. The on-demand catalog includes mandatory ads as well. You can only skip through ads for shows you’ve stored with the cloud DVR.

    Can you time-shift live programming?

    Yes, but with limits. If you hit pause on live TV, the video automatically starts playing again after a few minutes. And some channels, such as ESPN and Comedy Central, don’t allow you to manually fast forward through the time-shifted video without returning straight to the live feed.

    In other words, PlayStation Vue’s time-shifting features allow for quick bathroom or snack breaks, but you can’t just pause for 15 minutes and then skip through all the commercials.
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    Warning: I'm not playing with a full deck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PokerFace View Post
    And some channels, such as ESPN and Comedy Central, don’t allow you to manually fast forward through the time-shifted video without returning straight to the live feed.
    Addition of all those stupid crying-baby restrictions in, they wonder why subscribers cut the cord, why people use live internet feeds or download the shows instead of using the official "channels", why are people subscribing to Netflix instead of buying/renting DVDs and Blu-Rays where you must sit throught unskippeable junk to get to the menu, reach the Play option and see that unskippeable "studio logo" bit again...
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    Quote Originally Posted by InMontreal View Post
    why are people subscribing to Netflix instead of buying/renting DVDs and Blu-Rays where you must sit throught unskippeable junk to get to the menu, reach the Play option and see that unskippeable "studio logo" bit again...
    Hey, I like Studio Logos, they're great. PS Vue seems better than Sling

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    After trying both Sling and DirectvNow (I only tried with desktop PC and only chrome browser was allowed with PC), I think they both suck. Even I'm cancelling, and I'm an American fanboy. I didn't try Sling's recording option, since it only works for devices (not desktop PC), and DTVNOW doesn't have the option yet.

    Sling has more of the channels I want (many are still missing, but still more of what I want than any of the other services are currently offering), but that countdown (can only see the countdown running time if move mouse) towards the end of each show and then the few seconds glitch or crash that often follows before the next block begins is retardation that I thought only Canada would be stupid enough to try (each show is considered as a separate entity, rather than just part of a channel). So when I watched AMC's Comic Book Men live on Sling, when the clock ran out before the end of the show, the sound suddenly turned off, and then I had to turn it on (still no sound), then turn it off, then turn it back on again to actually hear the sound. Then hours later, using the on-demand Sling version on their site (since no access to the AMC website like DirectvNow offers), it doesn't allow fast-forwarding to quickly see the end of the show with audio (so I just used the pirate version and got what I missed). Sling is an overall failure, and the competition is missing so many channels that it's a sad, sad situation.

    And unfortunately, the DirectvNow one-stream-at-a-time rule (they claim two, not sure how - perhaps with a device like iPad, or whatever they use), lousy interface and way fewer on-demand content than SlingTV has (Sling adds so many VOD shows to their site that aired within last 3 days), are deal breakers, at any price point (even the half-price offer that comes after cancellation).

    DirectvNow has the better picture (just a bit more colourful), and much louder sound which provides a more immersive experience. Sling's Hallmark Channel has the lowest sound of the channels I watched, so if I was trying to watch 4 things at once, the Hallmark volume had to be at max, while the other channels had to be lowered, so that I could hear them all at once (just to be able to follow along and mute whatever was the least interesting). The streaming quality was fine, and most of the time it was very clear, although both often switched to lower quality at times.

    Oh, and both Sling and DirectvNow don't have streaming rights for live or on-demand Nascar races that the NBCSports website offers, so only the audio can be heard if you use the NBC Sports website to try to watch (even the Dog Show wasn't available). It's so weird that the actual NBC channels on Sling let you watch all that content live, but if you miss anything and want to stream those specific events via VOD on the NBC Sports website, you're out of luck (and yet I can get into NBC Sports Washington and stream the NBA and NHL games using Sling authentication rights - even if they are blacked out on NBC Sports Washington via Sling's site). Also weird that Nascar practices and other things related to Nascar can be watched at any time on the NBC Sports website (using Sling authentication), but not the races themselves.

    One cool thing about Sling is that you can switch regions with various browser extensions (and Vpns I assume) to get different NBC and Fox affiliates if timeshifting and avoiding sports blackouts is something you like to do. Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Bay Area, Phoenix, NY, Washington, Philadelphia, etc. are just some of the regions I sampled. The region-switching isn't something that Sling officially offers, just something that can be done with browser extensions, etc.

    DirectvNow has many more official website authentication possibilities that Sling doesn't have (like for the History channel), but Sling has a few that DirectvNow doesn't have. And Playstation Vue and Hulu have some that Sling and DirectvNow don't have, so things are still very messy.

    Although it's not as much fun to be paying for something that you can't really complain about, or can be shut off without warning (since the service is designed only for Americans), I'll still miss being connected to the US online system. However, since I don't like paying for poorly run services, I'm looking forward to my break from the ineptitude. And although Sling's 7-day-free trials (tracked by the exact time you start) can apparently be tried over and over again with the same credit card (although probably not as easy as USTVNOW is to fool), it's not worth fooling around with something that I already found many flaws with.

    Piracy still rules the online world for a variety of reasons, and I'm beginning to think that Piracy will always be a step ahead of the official streaming sites. That is extremely disappointing, but at least I save money by not having anything good enough to deserve my money.

    I'm glad I tried the US services, but very disappointed that they often reminded me of Canadian restrictions and ineptitude. The Slingtv 2-seconds interruption towards the end of each (or most) show segments reminds me of the glitches that Canadian sim-subs often cause. So painful to see crap like that on US services like Sling, and DirectvNow kept showing a bottom-left-corner message box mentioning ongoing verifications every minute, or less.

    I could go on and on about all the flaws that I witnessed, but since the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement, I'll stop typing now and go back to piracy land.
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    Warning: I'm not playing with a full deck.



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