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    I can see some of the former Shaw owned Channels making changes by Corus sometime in the longrun but definatelty not Sundance(formerly Drive In classics) once owned by CHUM/CTV and then sold to corus and revamped as Sundance Canada...and whoever is posting this tread about Sundance becoming Treehouse Retro is obviously not getting his/her facts right on this. There is no proof of Sundance even changing to an all Childrens Retro classics channel.

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    Where's the "official Press Release" from Corus stating this? Is even the Sundance US Channel even licensed for Canada by the CRTC?Is there any truth to this? Just like Treehouse II? I highly dought this will happen. Sundance may re-brand itself into something else , but I can't see it being Treehouse Retro? I believe it when I see it, then and only then when it up and operating will I believe it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TOM_T View Post
    Where's the "official Press Release" from Corus stating this?..
    There isn't and never was one. Look at the posting history of the person who started this thread (and some other very similar ones). Everything he or she posted on this board was falsely claiming that something was real, when it never existed anywhere except in their own imagination.
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