yesTV Fall 2016 Schedule

New shows to the schedule in BOLD

Entertainment Block

3:00pm Harry (s)
4:00pm Hot Bench (s)
4:30pm Hot Bench (s)
5:00pm Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

6:00pm Judge Judy
6:30pm Judge Judy (s)
7:00pm Wheel of Fortune (s) (Monday thru Saturday)
7:30pm Jeopardy! (s) (Monday thru Saturday)

9:00pm The King of Queens
9:30pm Everybody Loves Raymond

1:00am to 4:00am BUZZR

New additions to the lineup include a syndicated talk show hosted by Harry Connick Jr., weeknight strip reruns of The King of Queens, and BUZZR, a block of classic game shows from the U.S. digital broadcast TV network owned by FreMantle Media (

Looks like they dropped America's Funniest Home Videos on Sunday evenings. Also gone from last season are syndicated airings of Family Feud, The X Factor UK (which also airs on Family in Canada) and American Idol which recently ended its run. This will mark the first time in two years that they will not be carrying any network primetime shows in simulcast.

yesTV (Ontario and Alberta) is part of indieNET, a collective group of independent television stations that also includes CHEK (Vancouver Island), Joytv (Fraser Valley, BC), CHCH (Hamilton) and NTV (Newfoundland).

Schedule for Ontario:
Schedule for Alberta: