"Rogers Media, a division of Rogers Communications Inc., is bluntly asking for “a quid pro quo,” said Colette Watson, the company’s vice-president of broadcast and TV operations, in an interview. Rogers would pledge to restore daily, half-hour newscasts in Punjabi, Mandarin, Cantonese and Italian, add more ethnic programming to its schedule and invest in Canadian programming, including in-house production. In return, the special status would allow Rogers to expand OMNI’s viewership and charge TV distributors a fee of 12 cents per cable or satellite subscriber, bringing in $14-million in new revenue each year.
If Rogers succeeds, viewers in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto would still be able to watch existing OMNI channels for free over the air. Programming would be repackaged between the local stations and the regional feeds – Pacific, Prairies, East and Quebec – with “a little bit” more Canadian content."

I think this will be great news for those who speak Punjabi, Mandarin and Cantonese. Let's see if Rogers can make it work.

I do think that serving new Canadians in those languages kind of falls under a public service, that should be done by the CBC. I know they have an existing mandate... that dates from when it was started in the 50s.