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    CHCH Fall 2016 Primetime Schedule

    CHCH Fall 2016 Primetime Schedule

    Starting September 5 - NEW SHOWS in BOLD

    5:00pm Cheers
    5:30pm Happy Days
    6:00pm Evening News
    7:00pm Right This Minute
    7:30pm Bloomberg North

    8:00pm The X-Files: The Essential Collection (selected episodes from the original series)
    9:00pm CHCH at the Movies

    8:00pm CHCH at the Movies

    8:00pm Rosewood (s-FOX)
    9:00pm CSI: NY
    10:00pm NUMB3RS

    8:00pm Last Man Standing (s-ABC)
    8:30pm The Watchlist
    9:00pm White Collar
    10:00pm 20/20 (s-ABC)

    6:00pm Bloomberg North
    7:00pm Right This Minute
    7:30pm The Watchlist
    8:00pm CHCH at the Movies
    10:00pm 48 Hours (s-CBS)

    6:00pm Bloomberg North
    7:00pm 60 Minutes (s-CBS)
    8:00pm Sunday Blockbuster Movie

    Source: (Click on PRIMETIME SCHEDULE)

    As expected, no CW shows in the lineup - Supernatural will be exclusive to SPACE this fall.

    Dropped from the schedule are Access Hollywood (after two years), reruns of Raising Hope and CanCon series The Pinkertons (I believe it has since been cancelled).

    Nashville got cancelled and they got rid of Dateline Saturday. Rosewood (FOX), Last Man Standing (ABC) and the remaining newsmagazine shows are back this fall.

    From the top banner of the page, they also have Judge Judy somewhere but outside of primetime.

    Overall, nothing new and exciting and rather inconsistent with the constant changes to their programming lineup each and every year. If it's not only for some of the network primetime shows they can acquire for simulcast, they can be easily become the Canadian equivalent of MyNetworkTV or ION besides offering news and movies.
    Last edited by lostjon; 08-19-2016 at 03:36 PM. Reason: Included Bloomberg North to listings for Saturday and Sunday



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