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    Full Circle Season 3 on Super Channel (DirecTV in the USA)

    I finished watching all 10 episodes of Full Circle Season 3 via Super Channel yesterday. The first 8 were above average, but the 9th episode was a complete bore (5.5/10), and the final one was extremely lame since it went exactly where one would think it would go, but also had the nerve to leave it with a lame cliffhanger ending that seemed pointless. They were simply rushing to tie up the loose ends that were not really loose, anyway. Thus, since there's no need to continue the story arc, I hope next season's episodes have nothing to do with the season 3 storyline (just as they have done previously with all the seasons).

    What they should have done was to limit the boredom of the 9th episode by adding more meat to the story, and then use the final episode to give it all a more satisfactory original ending that would better reflect the overall tone and style of the previous 8 episodes. What a shame. So, at the end of the day, it was just a tired story that has been done a thousand times before.

    Overall Grade
    : B (7/10)
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