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    Shutdown Alert: HPItv

    It's been annoucned for a little bit now, but not mentioned here. HPItv announced that it is shuttering in April. Interestingly enough, it has several channels - HPItv (flagship), HPItv Odds, HPItv Canada, HPItv International, and HPItv West; however, only HPItv and HPItv Odds will shut down. Apparently, those two channels operate under a Cat B licence, but the reminaing channels operate under a PPV licence and International, West, and Canada will continue on. Woodbine Entertainment, the owners, don't own a PPV licence, so I'm not sure how they have these channels in operation under a PPV licence, other than to say maybe they have a licensing agreement with an existing PPV service and they've branded those channels HPItv. Maybe they're using Sportsnet PPV licence?

    Full story here within the press release:

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    HPItv announced that it is shuttering in April.
    Technically, its not shutting down completely as they will continue to operate 3 channels. I wonder why they are shutting down the 2 main channels and keeping the rest going?!

    Not really a big surprise IMO, I would think most horse racing fans (i.e. gamblers ) prefer to go and watch races in person not watch them on TV.



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