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    Shows previously exclusive to Shomi acquired by Netflix

    Several TV shows previously exclusive for streaming on shomi are now available on Netflix for the Canadian market:

    - Jane the Virgin (The CW) (all 3 seasons - new episodes of current season added weekly)
    - iZombie (The CW) (seasons 1 and 2 - expect new episodes of season 3 to be added the following day after broadcast as of April)
    - The Blacklist (NBC) (seasons 1-3)
    - Shameless (Showtime) (seasons 1-5)
    - Outlander (Starz) (seasons 1 and 2 - season 3 scheduled to premiere later this year, airs on Showcase in Canada)

    It looks like other current shows on The CW (whose Canadian rights are not already owned by Bell and CraveTV) will be picked up by Netflix, as they already have exclusive rights to The 100 and Riverdale, probably the same for The Originals. They have rights to previous seasons of The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Supergirl. Bell (CraveTV) holds rights to the trio of Arrow, The Flash and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Crazy Ex Girlfriend, to my knowledge, does not have SVOD rights though episodes from the current season have been available for streaming on Global's website following the original U.S. broadcast on The CW.

    Worth noting: Shameless is a Showtime series and Bell Media has a deal for Showtime content on CraveTV. TMN airs first-run episodes of the current season. For a time, City also aired the first seasons.

    I will continue adding to this list as more updates are available. Please feel free to add any more confirmed titles to this thread.

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