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    Quote Originally Posted by InMontreal View Post
    There are no other shows for CTV to simsub that night. ST:D is scheduled at 8:30pm by CBS due to a 4:30pm football game followed by "60 Minutes" at 7:30pm which could be pushed if necessary, consequently delaying the start time of ST:D.

    No surprises here, CTV has scheduled two cushions before and after ST:D in order to make sure the simultaneous substitution will happen, no matter what. I'll let you guess the common title of those two cushions... Starts and ends with a T, and airs every single day...
    The only other shows that CTV has to simsub for the evening are the two ABC game shows, Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME and The $100,000 Pyramid, both of which will be concluding their summer runs.

    But with the scheduling to accommodate the Star Trek: Discovery premiere and not to mention, the excessive NFL coverage across both CTV and CTV Two, one of the game shows will be pre-empted for viewers in Ontario and Quebec for the second week in a row.

    Last week with the Emmy Awards, both game shows were pre-empted in the same markets (only Pyramid was pre-empted in Saskatchewan and FUNDERDOME in Manitoba). In past years, those shows would end up getting bumped to CTV Two for viewers in Ontario, but nope, not this time...thanks to Sunday Night Football (which is also running on TSN).

    Meanwhile, viewers in Atlantic Canada, Alberta and British Columbia have been lucky to dodge the pre-emptions.

    And there are no plans in the immediate future to air these episodes in the affected markets. Not even room on Saturday afternoons?

    For the fall, Saturday afternoons on CTV will now consist of long movies and selected specialty fare as time filler followed by reruns of Seinfeld and The Big Bang Theory leading into CTV News at 6:00pm...

    So the only option is to catch the pre-empted episodes on CTV's website, CTV GO or On Demand via your service provider. The catch is that episodes are locked (under subscription) one week after they have been added for streaming. So far, all episodes of both shows from this summer are available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lostjon View Post
    Wednesday, Sept. 27
    8 p.m. – THE GOLDBERGS (CTV Two)
    9:30 p.m. – AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE (CTV Two) – (*Moves to Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on CTV Two, beginning Oct. 18)

    Wednesday, Oct. 18
    9 p.m. – ARROW (CTV Two)
    Hmmm, why not program Arrow at 8:30pm and keep American Housewife in simsub at 9:30pm ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lostjon View Post

    - No confirmation on whether CTV has dropped the rights to ABC reality series The Toy Box, which premieres its second season on Sunday, October 1 at 7:00pm. A page for the show is still up on CTV's website but references to the show are nowhere to be found on CTV's page within the Advertising Sales section of Bell Media's website.

    YTV now carries The Toy Box Sundays at 8:30pm ET (ABC airs it at 7pm). YTV re-aired the first episode followed by episode 2 on the Sunday that ABC aired episode 2 (thus even though YTV started a week late, they are now airing the current episodes on the same day [with repeats later] as ABC).
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