Starting Monday June 26th, Buffalo's NBC Affiliate, WGRZ (Channel 2), will be replacing the 2pm weekday timeslot of T.D. Jakes (at 2pm) temporarily with edited for afternoon tv, Best-of reruns of Watch What Happens Live!

The ratings for T.D. Jakes on WGRZ were apparently so poor, that the show was even beaten by Bonanza reruns on WBBZ-TV by a 2-1 margin. I've never heard of T.D. Jakes, but since I very rarely watch morning or afternoon TV anymore, that's not surprising to me. I've also seen Bonanza before, but not for decades.

I happened to have seen a promo for the change of schedule during the late-night Buffalo news broadcast tonight, or else I would not have been aware of the schedule change (Zap2It doesn't list the change in its listings) ... not that I plan to watch, especially since I've seen many of the WWHL episodes online already.
The "WWHL" reruns will run for several weeks before "T.D. Jakes" reruns return in August. In September, Channel 2 plans to carry reruns of "Dateline" at 2 p.m.