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    Vintage TV Canada to add country music programming after being dropped by CMT Canada

    TORONTO - Music channel Vintage TV Canada is investing in the country music market after it says CMT (Country Music Television) Canada yanked music videos from its channel in favour of other programming.

    Specific details about the new country music programming for Vintage TV Canada will be announced shortly, but the nascent channel said Wednesday that Canadian country music fans will have access to high quality content from both emerging and established country artists.

    “There have always been millions of country fans across Canada, as well as a vibrant domestic country scene from coast-to-coast”, said Vintage TV Canada’s creative director Alan Cross, in the news release. “As a channel that loves good music of all genres, Vintage TV Canada will ensure that the country music fan is not forgotten and that country music artists are given the support and visibility they deserve."

    Since its launch in October 2016, Vintage TV Canada added that country has been integral to its mix of musical genres, and that original programming such as Needle Time and Live With… have offered a platform for country music artists to reach their audience.



    Say what you will about music videos no longer being relevant on TV, but they can still be viable to a certain degree, As long as these channels are owned and operated by not only companies who specialize in that genre and nothing else, but also by the best minds in the music industry. And that's why channels like Vintage TV Canada and the Stingray channels (which were sold off by Bell) are ideal outlets. The other conglomerates no longer see this as a priority given the changes they have made with the terms of their licence.

    I can only hope that this announcement, will push other major providers to add Vintage TV Canada to their lineup (are you listening Bell, Telus, Videotron, Cogeco, etc.?) very soon. So far, just Shaw (Shaw Direct and Shaw Cable) and more recently, Rogers are the main providers carrying this channel.

    The way I see it, CMT's loss is Vintage TV's gain - and more variety for fans of music.

    Right now, both Vintage and the Stingray music channels are currently exempt from the CRTC given their low subscription numbers, but I would not be surprised if this changes at some point.

    Looking back at what has happened with the various music video channels in just the last few years:

    As I already mentioned in another thread, CMT (Corus) scrapped all their music video programming for more sitcom reruns that they already have on Dejaview. Nightly marathons of Everybody Loves Raymond, Will & Grace and Last Man Standing just to name a few. Oh, and they acquired Jimmy Kimmel Live.

    Much (Bell) has drastically scaled back its music videos - yes, they still play music videos in the morning and at noon (with an hour of retro videos), but I would not be surprised if they eliminate them altogether at some point. For this fall, gone are the music video blocks during the evenings including the long-running MuchCountdown. Now taking its place are first-run episodes of TMZ and marathons of South Park, The Simpsons, Anger Management and various Comedy Central programs.

    MuchMoreMusic which became MuchMore then M3 was rebranded into a new version of Gusto, as Bell Media was looking to get in to the food specialty genre to compete against Food Network and Cooking Channel.

    Then all the Much-branded video channels (Retro, Loud, Vibe and Juicebox) got sold off to Stingray Digital. A smart deal considering that while it was sold to another Canadian company, their goals have gone beyond the Canadian market and cover various platforms. Earlier this year, each of the channels made a transition for the first time since being acquired by Stingray.

    Nearly a decade ago, AUX launched and for a time, served as a pretty good alternative to Much. But as it underwent various ownership changes, it also became a victim of channel drift, evolving into another generic channel. It eventually rebranded as A.SIDE earlier this year, with millenials as their target audience. They still play music videos but most of the programming seems outdated, save for the occasional countdown shows.

    On the French side, MusiquePlus (can we even call it that now?) and MAX (rebranded from MusiMax one year ago) dropped their music video blocks altogether at the end of last month. In the last year, they limited their music video blocks in the overnights and early morning hours.

    Stateside, MTV and VH1 also scrapped music videos in favor of you guessed it, sitcom marathons. Although MTV is somehow looking to bring back the past now with their reboots of TRL and MTV Unplugged, and it so happens, that MTV Canada will also be carrying those shows in their fall schedule. And not to mention, they've also thrown in reruns of Friends for good measure...

    Getting back to the topic of this thread, here's another interesting article:
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