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    Crus gets CRTC approval for Cat 2 licenses YTV POW! and YTV One World

    Looks like Corus are going to try and make some more money on the YTV franchise with POW! and One World.. of course approval doesn't always means go-to air. I just hope they don't fall into the same rut other cat 2s are using and just rebroadcasting programs from their other channels..

    YTV OneWorld, a national, English-language Category 2 specialty service that would offer programming from around the world targeting children aged 6 to 17 and their families. The schedule would include programs devoted to entertainment, humour, travel, games and science and technology.

    YTV POW!, a national, English-language Category 2 specialty service that would offer programming from international markets featuring the latest trends in non-violent action, adventure, superheroes, comedy adventure and interactivity. The service would reach an interactive level with programs on the games associated with action series as well as magazine shows to cover current comic book trends and the classics.

    Full releases are available at

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    Aren't these almost identical licenses? And don't they mean "programming from around the world with 35-50% Canadian content thrown in" ??

    Kinda like how BBC Canada is only 1/2 BBC programming :)

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    Corus was approved for the same licenses in 2000 and as we can see, nothing came from them. Maybe they will look at the launching one or both of them now as we are 7 years in and the market looks better for the digital channels. If they don't, why don't applying for a licence when it doesn't even block any foreign channels from coming in. But if I were to guess, it's kinda a toss up, but I would probably say no on them actually launching them.

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    According to the supplementary briefs that were filed along with the application for these channels, Corus did intend to launch them back when they originally applied for these channels in 2000 but distribution issues were apparently to blame:

    Given the 5:1 linkage issues in respect of both YTV OneWorld and YTV POW! in 2004, we did not believe that those services could be viable if they were only carried by nonaffiliated distributors.
    So it looks like these may possibly launch at some point, I wonder what these will actually air as the descriptions are rather vague and not very clear IMO.

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    It's true, they do seem pretty vague, and for some reason why do I think when they say "around the world" or "international markets" they really mean the USA. ;)

    And one good thing about this is that because of the 5:1 rule, if they launch both services on Shaw and Star Choice, that most likely means they will have to add more cat 2 non-affiliated channels, which in respect to Shaw, they seem to be lacking many, especially many of the indie channels, ie, bpm:tv, Movieola, Silver screen Classics, etc.



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