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    Icon9 NBA Countdown on ESPN (but NOT on TSN)

    I'm surprised that TSN (or even NBA TV Canada) doesn't carry ESPN's NBA Countdown (1 hour pre-game show hosted by Michelle Beadle) usually on Wednesdays and Fridays (7pm-8pm). Instead (like today, and with no Raptors game to interfere), TSN often airs filler shows like Plays of the Week on its various channels. You get to see Michelle and the others during the TSN/ESPN halftime for the game(s) of the night, but not before the game(s) starts. Dumb move, TSN. Shame on you! Hello piracy, how ya doin? Yeah, I know, blame TSN (The Stupid Network).

    I know TSN doesn't air other ESPN shows (like Golic & Wingo M-Fri @ 6am-10am), but by ignoring NBA Countdown, they are ignoring part of the buildup to the games that TSN is also often showing. Boo!
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    Bell Media's vision of things : The "Countdown" is just a pre-game interview show and not absolute-necessary to the actual game, and TSN can do its own version if NBA was popular and there was demand for it. It's on ESPN, canadians don't have access to it, so, let's save a few bucks by ignoring its existence.

    BUT, if the pre-show is on the ABC network, CTV Two should simsub it if possible, or if it's on an american specialty channel available in Canada, TSN will make room to air it also with its usual canadian ads.
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