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    Icon13 Rogers Sportsnet in love with NESN ... no thank you!

    Rogers Sportsnet must have a sweet deal with NESN to broadcast Boston Bruins games, or just doesn't want to bother using the far superior NBC SN (especially when they air Bruins games) . Too bad because although I used to enjoy NESN/WSBK when Derek (Turk) Sanderson was one of the colour commentators (late 80's and most of the 90's), I now can't stand the NESN broadcasts. Sanderson was a colourful and troubled character, so I'm not surprised I found him entertaining.

    I blame Hazel Mae's (still on Sportsnet) previous stint at NESN as one of the reasons for Sportsnet's (and its viewers') love affair with NESN.

    Many of the Fox hockey broadcasts are also rather bland and lackluster (in the past when I watched on satellite, I always hated the Kings broadcasts due to the bad lighting of the ice and lame camera positions).

    NBC SN has a variety of different broadcasters and better between-period hosts (J. Roenick on occasions, etc.). The Canadian announcers used by NBC SN aren't always the most thrilling bunch, but they still generally have better colour commentators and an overall better presentation.

    At least Sportsnet is smart enough to ignore the NESN pre-game and in-between-period blather, and instead use their own staff to do the pre-game and in-between-period stuff. That's what Sportsnet is good at, and thus they are quite often superior to the NBC SN gang (depending on who is there) trying their best to keep up.

    I assume that even if Sportsnet carried the NBC SN feed, they would probably use their own hosts for the pre-game and in-between-period stuff as well. Still, since the Sportsnet guys make enough appearances on other Sportsnet shows and broadcasts featuring Canadian teams, I'd rather have a chance to see the NBC SN gang without having to use the internet ... even though the NBC SN in-between-period stuff is mostly filled with commercials, while the Sportsnet guys are talking about interesting stuff with fewer commercial breaks.

    So, whenever the Rogers Sportsnet brass sees a team dump the puck into the opponent's zone, it would also be a good idea to entertain the idea of dumping NESN and other lame broadcasts whenever NBC SN is an option.

    EDIT (April 13, 2018): As expected, Sportsnet and SN 360 used their own intermission hosts during the airing of the NBC SN and USA Network feeds for Thursday's playoff NHL games, but they also wasted even more time by running highlight packages of past great goals and many commercials, while I switched over to NBC SN to hear Roenick and the other hosts comment on the games.
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