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    Icon13 TSN and Sportsnet tickers clutter the screen !!!

    Not sure why TSN and Sportsnet feel the need to add their non-transparent ticker with the scores running at the bottom of the screen, covering up a large portion of the screen (it's an overlay, not a push-up squish type), even though the originating sourced American channels have no ticker at all.

    I can understand when ESPN has their own ticker running, but for tonight's NCAA Final Four games on TBS, there's no ticker there, so I'm watching the pirate feed instead of my own TSN feed (better picture). I did the same for last night's Dodgers' game that Sportsnet joined in progress.

    I'll be cancelling my cable again (after three months), and then if there's something exclusive to cable that I want to watch, I'll just pick up a box and rejoin for the week and then cancel again.

    It seems that when the Canadian sports channels are airing their own content, like the Jays on Sportsnet, any ticker would just be temporary, but when the broadcast originates from a US channel, up goes the ticker.

    I want the US channels, not some damn imitation Canadian versions of them that alter the content!

    Enough with the clutter!!!!

    EDIT Apr 1: Now TSN2 is using a push-up ticker for the whole NO vs OKC NBA game because they are taking the NBATV USA feed, even though Fox Sports New Orleans is only using its ticker about once per 20-30 minutes for a few minutes. Thus the TSN2 picture has the game score actually a few inches higher up than it should be (but at least there is no squishing of the picture since TSN is only playing with the graphic overlays).
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    There's no ticker for TSN's broadcast of tonight's NCAA basketball championship. I don't know if that's because the originating broadcaster that TSN uses, ESPN International, has removed it's own ticker, or if TSN itself has decided to figure out a way to remove any ticker clutter. TSN used the same broadcaster for the Final Four, but still kept the TSN ticker up for the entire broadcast, so I'm actually shocked that the ticker isn't there for tonight's broadcast.

    I like Dick Vitale (on ESPN International), so even though I prefer the info and presentation of the TBS broadcast (using different announcers like Jim Nance and also having Barkley and the gang pre-game and at halftime), I'm still watching some of TSN's clutter-free broadcast. I don't like the ESPN International score/time/info overlay they use, but at least there's no TSN scrolling ticker underneath it this time.

    Also not sure why the Rogers' digital box TV listings incorrectly showed (earlier in the evening) that TSN would also be airing (Joined in progress) the Michigan teamcast that TNT is currently airing in the States because TSN is actually NOT showing any of the teamcasts (not even using their online website for the broadcasts). False advertising obviously.
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    May 2018
    Now they are running their tickers during all shows and not just to show somewhat relevant information but to advertise. Its not bad enough the shows are almost half advertising and they are running shows past the 30 or 60 minute slots (to squeeze in more advertising). Now they are blocking part of the screen to advertise. Total scum sucking greedy weasels, I will not watch CTV if their are any other choices. As you said the US stations are not doing this so I watch on them.



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