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    Thank you for the info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robinepowell View Post
    I had to search around to find which Canadian has Midnight Teexas and it's Global. The only things I don't see on Friday nights when NBC airs it.

    If you scroll down to the American Networks, you will see in each of the sub-forums (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) that I have created a Programming Directory thread that list all shows that particular American network airs and what station/channel (if any) in Canada carries said series. I update these threads regularly so the information is current.

    As for Midnight, Texas, it was originally in Global's fall schedule but was removed and replaced by Chicago Fire. Looking at their schedule, at the moment there really is nowhere to put it, except for Saturday which would be a death slot IMO as Saturday is the least watched night of the week as far as TV viewing goes. I suspect they will take a wait and see approach, meaning wait to see how it does (ratings wise) then decide what they are going to do with it.



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