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    Vintage TV UK available for live streaming

    It turns out in the last few months, Vintage TV in the UK has been dropped from several providers that had been carrying the channel on a free-to-air basis.

    Back in May, it was dropped from Freesat, a satellite provider:

    Then last month, it was removed from Freeview, a digital terrestrial TV service:

    With these moves, the service is limited to Sky’s satellite and Virgin Media’s digital cable services in the UK.

    Interestingly enough and probably in response to these moves, the channel is now also available for live streaming at the following link:

    I started sampling the live stream of the UK feed last night and I have to say the content is pretty interesting so far.

    Unless Vintage TV Canada is added to more providers in the future, pending carriage terms, I would have to say this is the next best thing to having access to the channel here in Canada. For those who have Shaw Direct, Shaw Cable and Rogers, viewers can get a five hours head start of the daily program lineup airing on the Canadian channel. Unlike the Stingray music video channels, it is not commercial-free. Some hours carry more commercial blocks than others. And it’s all original UK content, some of which gets scrapped for original CanCon as part of meeting their license requirements.

    Vintage TV Canada’s website has videos of some original shows available for streaming but the selection is considerably limited.
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