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    BBC Kids to Shut down Dec. 31

    According to a post on, BBC Kids will cease operations on Dec. 31. (

    Not too surprising, this was a niche channel and the 'odd man out' amongst popular Canadian brands YTV & Treehouse as well as the Disney channels. I wonder if Knowledge Network will incorporate some BBC Kids programming into their lineup- the article did not specify if it will or not?!

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    Apr 2018
    Surprised...nope. I never forget when Shaw and Shaw direct terminated the channel off of their lineup in 2009.

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    BBC Kids has never had an High-Definition version... in 2018, which is a sign their owner wasn't giving it consideration. The cancon obligations weren't helpful in making this channel unique enough, as many kids shows in the current programming are or were seen on another channel.

    The channel was launched in nov 2001 by Alliance Atlantis, ended up in Canwest's hands in 2008. When Shaw bought Canwest in 2010, it sold BBC Kids to BC Government's Knowledge.
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.

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    BBC Kids must suppose to have a most versatile library of kids contents that most of the popular kids Televisions don't have, it didn't get enough subscribers and consideration to be available to every satellite providers, especially in the final years. It's the Teletoon Retro syndrome all over again, which it didn't earn a HD version yet! In 2018? Splendid!

    Most of what they still shown currently is reruns of old Cancon series and a little of UK-filled programming. Tough I will miss Groove High which it use to makes me laugh. Still, I prefer this better than the Yoopa! crapfest and it's abuse of movies and US shows.



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