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    TMN rebranding as Crave November 1st

    I received an email from Videotron saying that November 1st (today), TMN 1 to 4 would now be named Crave 1-4.

    Here is the message I received:

    Dear Customer:

    We wish to inform you that as of November 1, 2018, the channels that make up the Premium TMN/HBO package will be henceforth called Crave + Movies + HBO.
    Rest assured—you will still be able to access all your favourite stations on the same channels as before: from 211 to 214 in SD and from 811 to 814 in HD. They will be called Crave 1, Crave 2, Crave 3 and Crave 4. HBO will be accessible in SD on channel 215 and in HD on channel 815.

    You will also have access to the programming offered by Crave 1, Crave 2, Crave 3 and Crave 4 on channel 900, under the Crave Movies and HBO category, in the Channels On Demand section.
    For information concerning your subscription, please contact our Customer Service at: 1-888-463-6876.

    Thank you for the trust you place in us,
    Your Videotron team

    To be continued...
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    Please see the official PR from Bell which I just posted on the main Channel Canada page:

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    Can I just say the Crave web site sucks...I use to go to the TMN website to see new movies premiere and series premiere. It was so easy, simply pull up the tv schedule and you check the premiere box and new episodes box and they would be highlighted in the schedule. Easy not to miss new ones.

    Now, unless I am not seeing it, the Crave website does not even have a schedule page. I understand the Crave streaming service did not have a schedule, but do they know that the Crave tv channels has one? It is nowhere to be found. I only saw a page where where you see the next few movies up. It has obviously not been adapted for the merging of the 2 service. Hopefully it will be there eventually. It gives me the impression that this move was done really quickly, or they have no clue what people use to use the 'old' website for?

    Even the worst channel web site that have basically nothing has at least one thing, the schedule...

    Bring me the old schedule back please!



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