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    MUCH (Less) Music

    Effective today (March 1), MUCH has gone one step closer towards dropping music videos from its schedule entirely. This likely corresponds with the latest round of changes being made to the channel's license, which has been for a reduction in music videos taking up a portion of their programming schedule, especially now that genre protection for specialty channels no longer apply.

    Upon looking at their schedule, it essentially follows the same template and format already seen on other Bell Media specialty channels.

    All the slots normally filled with Playlist from 6:00am until 1:00pm are now being replaced with reruns of various CanCon shows already airing or previously aired on other specialty channels.

    Weekdays: Back-to-back episodes of Just for Laughs Gags and Comedy Now repeated at least two or three times
    Saturdays: Cash Cab (Four back-to-back episodes repeated twice)
    Sundays: R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour (Four back-to-back episodes repeated twice)

    Interestingly enough, the only block for music videos left on their schedule is Much Retro Lunch, airing weekdays at 1:00pm (for now anyway). This is pretty much all that I would watch on this channel, as they still have a number of videos in their library that are not already playing on Stingray's music video channels. And apparently, music released back in 2014 is now considered to be retro, as I caught a video by Ed Sheeran in the block.

    But I anticipate at some point in the future and I will not be surprised to see this block eventually disappear from the schedule once music videos are no longer required, therefore marking a significant end to what defined the channel under its original mandate.

    From 2:00pm to 6:00pm, it's a four-episode marathon of the MTV show Ridiculousness followed by back-to-back episodes of South Park and The Simpsons. On some days, South Park is substituted for episodes of Comedy Central originals like Drunk History and Tosh.O.
    The same block is repeated again from 6:00pm to 10:00pm.

    Aside from original episodes of acquired series (mostly from Comedy Central) that air weeknights at 10:00pm, the rest of the overnight schedule is filled with marathons of Tosh.O and more reruns of South Park.

    Weekends consist of movies, along with more reruns of The Simpsons, South Park, and American Dad.

    MUCH also has the second window rights to Gotham, one night after airing on FOX and CTV2.

    So there you have it - a look at what MUCH has become in 2019 - MUCH less music.

    And just to reflect how much many of the original music video channels have evolved: You may recall a few weeks ago, MusiquePlus is signing off at the end of the summer, rebranding and taking on a whole different genre aimed at attracting a female demographic. In recent years, channels like MuchMoreMusic/MuchMore/M3 evolved to become Gusto 2.0 (less of a food and lifestyle channel than the one it was before being bought by Bell), CMT dropped music-related programming altogether and MusiMax became MAX, airing more series and movies.

    As for the current crop of music video offerings, there's YouTube, VEVO and of course, Stingray and its offering of various products and services being carried across different platforms. It's still a real shame that Vintage TV never got anything going in the Canadian market, hindered by limited carriage on major BDUs and the massive debt that eventually led to the channel shutting down and going into administration. Their content was well suited for many people that grew up during the early years of MuchMusic, and for those who did not have cable at the time, received their daily video fix courtesy of Video Hits and on Friday latenights with Good Rockin' Tonite, both of which aired on CBC from about the mid-1980s until 1992 or 1993.

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