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    Bell Fibe adds Stingray Karaoke and Stingray Qello (On Demand)

    I suppose On Demand services would qualify for this part of the forum.

    Bell Fibe has added a couple more services from Stingray:

    Stingray Karaoke ($7.99/month)
    Stingray Qello ($8.99/month)

    Both services are not included as part of a regular or a la carte programming package.

    They are only offered separately, similar to Stingray Classica, as part of the More Packages selection.

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    Jan 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by lostjon View Post
    Stingray Karaoke ($7.99/month)
    Eight dollars a month for a Karaoke on-demand channel ?!?!

    A normal family with a sense of singing would probably be willing to pay 2$ to acces a karaoke catalog during a 3-hours evening activity... but 8$ for 30 days, is there such demand?
    We had a good run: 2006 to 2020. Thanks for the informations and debates.



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